4bready antifouling ultrasound electronic device

Posted by John 15/04/2017 20 Comment(s) Products,


The fully patented 4breadyR device has been developed using the principle of ultrasonic wave to inhibit the growth of marine organisms such as cirripeds, mussels and barnacles. The device utilizes a microprocessor control unit in combination with non through-hull ultrasonic transducers secured to the inside of the hull. The number of transducers required varies according to the size of your boat, with each covering about 6 meters diameter. The device is fitted with two transducers and is suitable for boats up to 12 metres long. Major advantages deriving from the use of this device: -Saving on all maintenance cycles of the boat -Fuel saving deriving from the hull cleaning -Total elimination of chemicals which could be harmful to the marine environment.


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