Arimar Liferaft

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The Liferaft is the final emergency resource which people at sea have to rely upon: MED has been manufacturing Liferafts for more than 20 years with passion and being awareness of protecting the life of every one choosing our products.


ARIMAR’s liferafts are manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards together with the most advanced available production processes and technologies.


The range of ARIMAR Safety Professional Liferafts consists of SOLAS / MED approved products and of specific products for domestic shipping; They are divided into DEEP SEA, for navigationuse without any limit from the coast, and MED SEA for vessels operating within Italian Coastal Navigation.


They are available into the versions Davit Launch, Davit Launched/Self Righting, and Throw Overboard/ Self Righting.

They comply with the SOLAS rules (Safety of Life at Sea) with the requirements of Marine Equipment Directive (MED)96/98/EC and its further amendments and, as well as with IMO (InternationalMaritime Organization) resolutions; These were all approved by RINA.


The ARIMAR Professional Liferafts can be installed on all ships engaged in Domestic and International Navigation on a Professional basis (Passengers transporting, Cargo and so on) and on a pleasure basis. According to the navigation requirements, these can be equipped with eitherEmergency equipment “A” or “B” pack Type.


The ARIMAR Professional Liferafts are enclosed into fibreglass rigid containers which have been specifically designed to withstand the stresses of an extremely harsh marine environment. They are available in the following versions: “Roll” cylindrical container or “flat” rectangular container. The container options can both be installed individually on specific flat or inclined racks alternatively they can be installed in stacked pairs once again flat or inclined.


A network of Service Stations located across the world will ensure quick, professional and competitive service. (locations can be verified via our website


MED’s range of inflatable liferafts includes models with basic equipment and solutions, as well as models that are equipped with addi-tional accessories to comply with the strictest international standards and to offer a high safety level to the people who have to face extremely treacherous navigations.


The liferafts are manufactured in bright colours, which can be easily sighted even in case of reduced visibility. In addition, they are equipped with wide entrances to facilitate rescue operations, and assure shelter from the inclemency of weather and great stability even in bad weather conditions. All the products are manufactured trough processes in compliance with the Quality System rules. The Quality System is certified UNI EN ISO 9001 by the Body RINA.