Boat Maintenance

Boat Maintenance
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Lubrimar SAE 90 - 250 ml (Code 65.088.00)

LUBRIMAR Sae 90 oil Oil packed in a plastic tube with special filling outlet; specially made for outboard engines and..

5.49€ Ex Tax: 4.61€

Lubrimar Hydraulic oil (Code 65.089.00)

Lubrimar - Hydraulic Oil anti-foam oil a hydraulic product with antifoaming and special anticorrosive additives. Spec..

5.53€ Ex Tax: 4.65€

Marinegrease - Lubrimar protective grease - 250 ml (Code 65.090.00)

“Marinegrease - Lubrimar” protective grease water repellent white protective grease, suitable for all mechanical part..

6.47€ Ex Tax: 5.44€

Wash and Wax detergent and polisher (Code 65.102.40)

Wash and Wax detergent and polisher Biodegradable product to wash and polish boats at the same time thanks to the car..

18.22€ Ex Tax: 15.31€

Fender Shine (Code 65.102.50)

Fender Shine Cleans and protects any rubber or PVC material with just one operation (fenders, fender profiles, rubber..

15.83€ Ex Tax: 13.30€

Wonder Bilge (Code 65.102.60)

Wonder Bilge Bilge cleaner, removes oil, sludge, grease, etc; elements carried in suspension in bilge water, discharg..

15.83€ Ex Tax: 13.30€

Sail and Canvas cleaner (Code 65.102.70)

Sail and Canvas cleaner Cleans and restores the original brightness of sails, boat awnings, canopies, etc; traditiona..

14.55€ Ex Tax: 12.23€

Waterproofing Spray (Code 65.102.80)

Waterproofing Spray Cleans, restores and make waterproof surfaces for sail decks, canopies, boat awnings, etc; does n..

14.55€ Ex Tax: 12.23€

Yachticon textile cleaner/waterproof (Code 65.102.81)

Teak cleaner and Brightener It cleans and waterproofs biminis, awnings, tents and make the fabric breathable. For cot..

25.42€ Ex Tax: 21.36€

Imprägnierer Fabric Waterproof für Natur- und Kunstfasern (Art.65.102.85)

Fabric Waterproof universal waterproofer for natural and synthetic fabric It cleans, regenerates and waterproofs vera..

11.14€ Ex Tax: 9.36€

Stain remover for mould and rust (Code 65.103.00)

Stain remover for mould and rust For spraying fibreglass, vinylic resin and other surfaces, removes rust leaks and st..

14.54€ Ex Tax: 12.22€

Rust and stain solvent (Code 65.103.10)

Rust and stain solvent It easily removes heavy rust stains from gelcoats, metal or paints without the need to scrub. ..

15.83€ Ex Tax: 13.30€

Rust converter (Code 65.103.15)

Rust converter Removes oxide form iron and converts the surface treated into a perfect base for any paintwork whilst..

12.15€ Ex Tax: 10.21€

Waterproofing Sealant (Code 65.103.20)

Waterproofing Sealant Used for stitchings, to waterproof stitches on boat awnings, canopies and clothes; ready for us..

8.96€ Ex Tax: 7.53€

Inflatable Boat cleaner (Code 65.117.70)

Inflatable Boat cleaner Suitable for inflatable dinghies and RIBS, cleans, deoxidizes, protects over time and restore..

16.64€ Ex Tax: 13.98€

Inflatable Boat Care (Code 65.117.71)

Inflatable Boat Care Cares and protects all kind of PVC, rubber, Hypalon and similar material should be used after ev..

19.16€ Ex Tax: 16.10€

Water Line Cleaner (Code 65.117.80)

Water Line Cleaner It easily removes seaweeds and yellowish streaks from the floating line. It also removes rust spot..

16.95€ Ex Tax: 14.24€

Black Streak Remover (Code 65.118.80)

Black Streak Remover It easily removes black streaks caused by rain and air pollution. Spray application. Non aggress..

14.07€ Ex Tax: 11.82€

Winch grease spray (Code 65.170.00)

Winch grease spray lubricates and protects gears; reduces friction and abrasion; resistant to salt water and temperat..

14.55€ Ex Tax: 12.23€

Super Cleaner for fibreglass and ABS surfaces (Code 65.200.80)

Super Cleaner for fibreglass and ABS surfaces Removes tough stains, such as diesel discharges, fuel streaks , rust li..

15.18€ Ex Tax: 12.76€

Quick universal cleaning spray (Code 65.210.29)

Quick universal cleaning spray universal cleaner for any type of surface (fibreglass, PVC seats, glass, interiors, et..

14.55€ Ex Tax: 12.23€

Absorbing cloth for oil and fuel - 200 gr/m2 (Code 65.210.40)

Absorbing cloth for oil and fuel Absorbs oil or fuel from the bilge water, suitable for cleansing fuel leakages from ..

11.03€ Ex Tax: 9.27€

2-component water resistant epoxy resin (Code 65.211.32)

2-component water resistant epoxy resin for repairs below the waterline repairs blisters from osmotic damage, keel/hu..

32.28€ Ex Tax: 27.13€

Gelcoat Cleaner (Code 65.211.70)

Gelcoat Cleaner Detergent for Gelcoat, GRP, painted surfaces. It is effective even on rust and oil stains. Concentrat..

23.05€ Ex Tax: 19.37€

Silicone and wax remover (Code 65.211.79)

Silicone and wax remover Special solvent product device to remove wax, polish, silicone, grease, oil and other agents..

16.95€ Ex Tax: 14.24€

Acrylic Care (Code 65.211.80)

Acrylic Care Reconditions and restores the natural transparency and brightness of acrylic materials (plexiglass) and ..

14.28€ Ex Tax: 12.00€

Acrylic Scratch Remover (Code 65.211.81)

Acrylic Scratch Remover removes fine scratches from acrylic, polycarbonate, and most other type plastic surfaces clea..

15.83€ Ex Tax: 13.30€

Deck Super Cleaner (Code 65.211.82)

Deck Super Cleaner Aggressive product to remove grease stains from shoes and any dirt from anti-skid fibreglass decks..

24.30€ Ex Tax: 20.42€

Multi-Purpose Grease (Code 65.211.83)

Multi-Purpose Grease Multipurpose grease, lubricates, protects and preserves the condition of travellers, slides, joi..

16.30€ Ex Tax: 13.70€

Multipurpose Winch Grease (Code 65.211.84)

Multipurpose Winch Grease Lubricates, preserves and protects; penetrates surfaces forming a protective film, resists ..

16.95€ Ex Tax: 14.24€

Lubricant with Teflon (Code 65.211.85)

Lubricant with Teflon highly effective lubricant for all kind of materials heavy-duty formula lubricates anything tha..

15.18€ Ex Tax: 12.76€

Vinyl Shampoo (Code 65.211.87)

Vinyl Shampoo Removes stains, grease, dirt, fingerprints from faux-leather cushions and from PVC surfaces, rubber, in..

14.55€ Ex Tax: 12.23€

Underwater Wax (Code 65.212.40)

Underwater Wax Cleaner formulated for hulls without antifouling paint that remain underwater for brief periods of tim..

21.90€ Ex Tax: 18.40€

Engine Cleaner (Code 65.213.30)

Engine Cleaner Specific degreaser device to remove oil, tar and any type of dirt on engines, machine rooms, winches, ..

14.96€ Ex Tax: 12.57€

Algae Remover (Code 65.213.60)

Algae Remover Removes seaweed and algae from hulls, stern drives, propellers, etc.. 250 ml. C..

15.83€ Ex Tax: 13.30€

Gelcoat Colour restorer (Code 65.214.21)

Gelcoat Color restorer This product carries out a chemical action by penetrating into the gealcoat pores and restorin..

16.95€ Ex Tax: 14.24€

Blue Wax (Code 65.214.22)

Blue Wax Special wax for blue surfaces. It penetrates into the paint or gelcoat pores thus recovering the original bl..

21.65€ Ex Tax: 18.19€

Sunteak reconditioner (Code 65.239.00)

New Sunteak reconditioner Special cleaner used to recondition deck teak surfaces; removes stains and restores the ori..

8.13€ Ex Tax: 6.83€

Hard Wax protection wax (Code 65.246.90)

Hard Wax protection wax Heavy protective wax with Teflon, protects fibreglass, ABS and painted surfaces, lasts longer..

23.01€ Ex Tax: 19.34€

Metal Polish (Code 65.247.00)

Metal Polish Deoxidizes, polishes and provides protection with just one wipe, suitable for stainless steel, brass, ch..

18.22€ Ex Tax: 15.31€

Bilge Sentidek cleaner - 1 l (Code 65.249.00)

“Bilge Sentidek” cleaner Cleaner for bilge, it removes mud, slime and oil-polluted water for a long time. Highly emul..

6.44€ Ex Tax: 5.41€

Bilge Sentidek cleaner - 5 l (Code 65.249.01)

“Bilge Sentidek” cleaner Cleaner for bilge, it removes mud, slime and oil-polluted water for a long time. Highly emul..

24.84€ Ex Tax: 20.87€

Inox Cleaner (Code 65.250.00)

Inox Cleaner - cleaner for stainless steel It easily cleans stainless steel even though it contains no harmful substa..

10.16€ Ex Tax: 8.54€

POLI-TEAK (Code 65.256.00)

POLI-TEAK special stain remover spray for teak decks; spray stains and wait for the solvent to evaporate, then brush ..

5.36€ Ex Tax: 4.50€

HD Silikonspray (Art.65.260.00)

Heavy-duty silicone spray Silicone lubricating oil, water-resistant, protective action for metal/plastic/rubber (it p..

4.83€ Ex Tax: 4.06€

Weißes Schmierspray (Art.65.261.00)

White grease spray Protective and water-resistant white lubricating grease. For mechanical parts that need both prote..

7.45€ Ex Tax: 6.26€

Bootwachs, Spray (Art.65.262.00)

Boat wax spray Wax for fiberglass, it polishes and protects surfaces from salty water spray, sun rays, exhaust gases ..

6.51€ Ex Tax: 5.47€

Korrosionsschutz-/Schmierspray (Art.65.263.00)

Corrosion block / Lubricant spray It penetrates into the metal parts and lubricate then while preventing corrosion an..

3.75€ Ex Tax: 3.15€