U.S.A. Customers

We are not so far from USA!


Vienna is the most important and reliable hub in Europe for the international shipping: NO DELAY at all with your parcel.
What we drop off in the businness Post facility of Vienna in the morning, is loaded on the next the flight to NY.

As you can see in the example below, a parcel accepted on We. was processed in the USPS Customs of NY on Mo.
Shipping to USA are free from the European taxes.
Please register your account and surf the website once logged in. The prices will be shown in tax exemption

U.S. Customs:

You won't be charged for duty and taxes if the value of your purchase (shipping costs included) is LESS than USD 800.-


Free Shipping to USA

No shipping fees will be applied if the value of your order is over USD 500.-
No extra fees once you paid for your order. You have only to wait for the USPS Postman who rings your bell!
For orders up to USD 500.- a flat delivery rate of USD 30.- will apply
For orders up to 2 Kg a delivery rate of USD 20.- will apply
You will be prompted to choose for the cheapest one during the checkout.


Some limitations applies on the dimensions ad on some dangerous items:

Can't be shipped through air mail any dangerous items, like:
- Paints
- Spray
- Fire extiguisher
- Components under pressure
- Flammable in general
- Distress flares
- Self inflating items

The max value per shipping is 1000 Euro (shipping costs included)

In case of doubt please contact our staff, we'll be happy to help.